Annual Report


“As we celebrate our past and the progress we’ve made, thanks to the forethought and initiative of a few individuals, we continue to work hard to rise to the future needs of those we serve with mental illness.” – Deb Pendergast I President, Board of Directors

Community-based mental health services are needed more today than ever. Whether a returning veteran, school-aged child, adult in crisis, or at-risk family, it is estimated that one in four adults live with a significant mental illness and one in five children has a serious behavioral health issue. At Genesis Behavioral Health, we are making a difference. Today, we are providing more services to more children and adults, and with better outcomes. Our overall services have more than doubled in the last ten years. Together with our patients, their families, and our many community partners, we are part of a collaborative solution that improves the health and wellbeing of our region.

REFLECTING on our history of treatment and the limitations provided within the walls of institutions, fifty years ago, local services did not exist and and professionals from Concord provided infrequent care to less than 15% of those in need. The Lakes Region Mental Health Association began in the early 1960’s as a collection of civil-minded individuals dedicated to delivering needed services to the community and educating the public on mental health. Thanks to the persistence of pediatrician Dr. George “Pete” Harris, and the continued dedication of founding Board members like Carol Pierce, Genesis Behavioral Health has grown into a community-based organization serving nearly 4,000 individuals and families in twenty-four towns and two counties.

TODAY we celebrate a half-century of achievements, but our progress continues.

We have integrated mental and physical health care with our OneHealth program allowing for easier access to a full range of needed health services for our patients. We have fully implemented many evidence-based practices, including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), and Supported Employment embracing a full spectrum of services with increasing progress in recovery. We have expanded our emergency team to include urgent and acute care services lead by a psychiatric nurse practitioner, thus speeding the delivery of care to patients and alleviating stress on community resources and emergency departments.

As we LOOK AHEAD, we will rise to the challenges and lead with our vision to provide quality, accessible, and integrated services to our patients, too many of whom die decades earlier than other Americans. Joining forces with partner organizations, we will be stronger. We will advocate for a stable, skilled workforce. We will participate in further developing mental health and substance use disorder treatments, improving the experience of care for our patients through programming, consistency, and technology.